Eminence Beta LTA12

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Re: Eminence Beta LTA12
« Reply #20 on: 10 Jul 2015, 06:08 pm »
Thanks!!! A 1.5x17= 25.5 That would look ok on the 24" wide baffle. The cabs are only 26" tall though. Should driver placement be centered or towards the top? This is for a garage system, so hi-fidelity can be sacrificed some :)


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Re: Eminence Beta LTA12
« Reply #21 on: 11 Jul 2015, 04:22 pm »
The box aspect ratio, once damped, isn't likely to be extreme enough for profound differences (I don't have time to model it at present) but I'd assuming that 26in is an internal dimension, I'd probably be inclined to put the driver centred on 9.375in down from the internal top.