Anyone here powered Apogees with Hypex?

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Anyone here powered Apogees with Hypex?
« on: 26 Mar 2015, 05:17 pm »
I am finishing my stereo UcD180ST DIY amp and want to test it with a pair of Apogee Duetta 2's.  I understand that I would probably be better off with using a pair of UcD700's or NCore 1200's but this is what I have to work with at this time.  Has anyone else tried powering Apogee ribbon speakers with Hypex amps?  Seems it would be a great match given the inherent load invariant design of the Hypex amp modules.



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Re: Anyone here powered Apogees with Hypex?
« Reply #1 on: 26 Mar 2015, 06:04 pm »
   The Apogees character slightly warm just may be a VG match  for the Hypex. The Apogee flavor should alleviate any lean sound from the Hypex. BTW the reference amp with Apogees are Spectral. Have fun trying.