Upgraded 2 channel system with SS8's

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Upgraded 2 channel system with SS8's
« on: 24 Jan 2016, 05:11 pm »
Over the past year I upgraded my 2 channel system, most notably with a pair of SS8’s.

System Description:
Media Server: Salk Sound Streamer Player
DAC:  AVA, FET Valve Hybrid
Preamp: PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium
Amp: PrimaLuna Diagolue Premium HP mono-blocks
Interconnects:  Anticable RCA analog interconnects and speaker cables

The resolution of the SS8’s is truly remarkable; they convey every slightest nuance of the source media.  The image is superb.  With a change of a tube so changes the universe of the source music.  The SS8’s go beyond my expectations.   My previous speakers were HT3’s and they were exceptional (extremely under rated in my experience and opinion).

Extra special thanks to Jim Salk who put up with me during the waiting process.  I highly recommend Salk Sound components.

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Re: Upgrade 2 channel system with SS8's
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