Bought my first Omegas-Super 8 XRS

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Bought my first Omegas-Super 8 XRS
« on: 4 Jan 2021, 08:25 pm »
  I am giddy like a little kid on Christmas. I spoke to Louis today and ordered a pair Super 8 XRS speakers in a surprise finish. I asked Louis what would work best for my room and listening habits and said I should be fine with the Super 8 XRS speakers. He is going to put a port in the bottom to enhance the bass a little. I also picked out 2 finishes and told him to surprise me. So I won't know what finish they are until my new babies arrive.

My room is 11ish by 11ish, the dreaded square but I have lots of absorption and some diffusion and have tamed my Legacy Signature SE's pretty well through experimentation. I know I will not have the punch the Legacy's had, but am being optimistic with the Supers and hoping I don't need to go the sub route. Louis did say that the bass will get better as they break in. I am confident the detail will be exquisite. My listening habits range from classic rock to newer blues to female vocals.

Looking for some feedback from anyone who has these same speakers and maybe a similar room situation for any pointers/tips. They will be driven by a Decware ZMA.


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Re: Bought my first Omegas-Super 8 XRS
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I would think driver integration is a problem with the Focus in a room that small, no problem with the Omegas.
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Re: Bought my first Omegas-Super 8 XRS
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I would think driver integration is a problem with the Focus in a room that small, no problem with the Omegas.


    Yeah, that's what I thought too.The Legacy is lot of speaker for a 11X11 room. And having a squarish room is not good to start with also. But the simpler Omega will likely work better in your room if you set them up correctly. You'll likely hear hear detail and more precise imaging. Do experiment with toe-in since single driver speaker, especially larger driver can be very beamy. And if you feel that you need more of the very high top just add super tweeters. If you listen to a lot of female vocals like me, you'll love it on a proper Single Driver speaker.

    Anyway, my room is about 10'X17' and I'm using Single Driver Speaker with Fostex 6" and Fostex super tweeter drivers driving with 18wpc SET amps this works for me.



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Re: Bought my first Omegas-Super 8 XRS
« Reply #3 on: 12 Jan 2021, 04:33 am »
Congratulations on your new Omegas, Dave.  I think you'll find them an eye (ear?) opening experience.  I have a room very similar to you, and was running the Harbeth SHL5+ in it, when I happened upon a pair of Super Alnico Monitor XRS - let's put it this way, the Harbeths are world-class speakers but they got sold and I never looked back. Once you experience the speed and clarity of an Omega single driver design, it's very difficult to go back.  Everything else tends to sound syrupy and slow. 

Now, what I will warn you against, is the flip side of that equation - when you're going from a speaker that has a much larger, fuller presentation, to something like Omegas, at first your brain might think you're "missing" something - that it sounds lean.  Give yourself time to adjust to it, of course.  I was taken from the first second I heard them because of the pinpoint detail, but at first I also was conscious of feeling like I was missing some weight and heft to the sound.  That quickly faded and I was left in audio nirvana.

In my room, what I've figured out is that keeping the Omegas relatively close to the front wall - 2-3 feet or so - helps with bass reinforcement.  I am probably trading off some imaging/soundstage but for me it's worth it.  And it's not like in a room this size I have all that much choice!

I've also discovered through much experimentation that height plays a big role in how I perceive these Omegas.  Even adjusting their height by an inch or so made a huge difference in bass and the imaging.  This may not be true for everyone, but for me, in my listening position, in my room, it's been crucial.   I'm not sure if with the Super 8 XRS you have the ability to change the angle/tilt, but it might be worth keeping in mind as a possible tweak as you're setting things up.

And finally, I went a long time without a sub, but recently added an REL T/5i just for fun.  It's neat, especially on recordings where there is meaningful sub bass energy, but I could totally live without it - and did, for a long time!

Good luck with it!  Keep us updated!