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I would like to attend a 5-10 week evening class between 6-9pm
3 (8.3%)
I would like to attend a 5-10 week evening class between 7-10pm
4 (11.1%)
I would like to attend a Saturday seminar (9-noon, lunch hour, 1-4pm)
8 (22.2%)
I would like to attend a weekend seminar (hours as above)
5 (13.9%)
I am interested in learning about audio, not building it
4 (11.1%)
I am interested in building class designs
8 (22.2%)
I am interested in being coached on my own designs
4 (11.1%)

Total Members Voted: 15

School in Berkeley opening in this Fall

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Re: School in Berkeley opening in this Fall
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Roger A. Modjeski

Re: School in Berkeley opening in this Fall
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We will soon have a website dedicated to the school. We are still looking for those in the area who want to help in creating this school for audio enthusiats. Here is the first offering that I distributed at my presentation to the Bay Area Audio Society on Sept. 21.

Audio School Curriculum

Listed below are four classes that start with the basics and go toward more detail. Start date to be established.

Basic Electronics: Volts, ohms, amps, AC and DC circuits. Ohm's law explained in simple terms anyone can understand. What resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers, tubes and transistors do. Meets 4 times for 2 hours per class.

Preamp Circuits: From a single gain stage to a full function preamp. Phono and tape EQ, line amps, filters, tone controls. How noise, distortion, frequency response, input/output impedance affects what you  hear. How to manipulate these parameters for the best sounding preamp.
Meets 6 times for 2 hours per class.

Power amp Circuits: Classes of operation, output stage topologies (SE, PP, OTL, SEPP) and their application. How to determine bias, load impedance, power output, output transformer specs, distortion, noise and damping factor. Learn how these output circuits behave into different loads. Driver topologies, drive and gain requirements, feedback, input impedance.
Meets 8 times for 2 hours per class.

Power Supplies: Choosing transformers, caps and chokes for optimum performance. High Voltage regulators, Filament regulators, where to use DC heaters and where not. Choke input, Pi and multiple stage filters. How to make good supplies without regulators.
Meets 4 times for 2 hours.

Courses are priced depending on enrollment. Get your friends to enroll and reduce the cost for everyone. $20 per hour per student for class of 5, $15 per hour for class of 8-12 students.
Dates for classes are open and will be determined by the majority of the participants.

Future classes: It appears the Randall amplifier building classes have come to an end. I am interested in filling that void by offering construction classes. America also needs a Triode Festival like the one in Europe. http://www.triodefestival.net/  There have been several successful group meetings for DIYers in NYC and other places, however these events are no longer offered.

Opportunities at the School: This is a new adventure from the ground up. We plan to create a non-profit school with a board of directors. As the school grows there will be paid positions for staff and other instructors. Go to Music Reference on YouTube to see current videos which can be moved to the new school channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/MusicReferenceAudio. We have over 46,000 views and are only in our first year.

Opportunities at Music Reference: We are looking for people with the following skills to take designs from prototype to production in exchange for a finished unit of their work or a product of similar value. Currently we have several products that need to have metalwork drawn up on CAD. We have need for a circuit board layout person. The Electrostatic Speaker system is ready for production and needs a separate space and team to build it. The design now includes direct drive 5000 volt amps.

We are also open to meet with people who would like to expand the business in the areas of marketing, production, sales and management. Write Roger at ramtubes@gmail.com.