How good is the BHA-1 as a line preamplifier?

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R. Daneel

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How good is the BHA-1 as a line preamplifier?
« on: 23 Aug 2015, 04:08 pm »

I am interested in a Bryston amplifier. I already have the BHA-1 headphone amplifier with preamplifier outputs so I am wondering just how good it is when it's used as a line preamplifier.

Some reviews online suggest it is very good indeed but I am hoping to hear some comments from people who have perhaps compared it to other preamplifiers like Bryston BP-6, BP-17, BP-26 or others.

The speakers would likely be ATC SCM11 or SCM19 or one of their studio monitors and they need a really hefty amplifier. My initial idea was to buy a B135 integrated amplifier but it might not be suitable for ATC so something along the lines of 4BSST^2 would likely be more suitable which would still leave the question of a line preamplifier unanswered.



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Re: How good is the BHA-1 as a line preamplifier?
« Reply #1 on: 23 Aug 2015, 08:38 pm »
I use my BHA1 as a preamp and am very happy with it in that regard. It is fast, detailed but not too bright,  clear, quiet, has great bass and the soundstage is deep with good separation of instruments, vocals, ect.  When I first got it I was less enthusiastic with its character but I was also comparing it to a tube preamp (which I still use and enjoy  in another system).  I never heard the other Bryston  preamps so I can't compare. If you're set on a Bryston amp, buy it and try the BHA as a preamp. If you like it, great, if not you sound like you are willing to try different preamps anyway. One other  big consideration is the limited number and variety of inputs on the BHA compared to a conventional preamp; will it give you the flexibility you need. Enjoy the search!


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Re: How good is the BHA-1 as a line preamplifier?
« Reply #2 on: 24 Aug 2015, 09:48 am »
I use the BHA as my pre amp into 7Bsst2. I have not compared with the other Bryston pre amps but understand that the sound quality is very similar. Certainly I am very happy with SQ. As mentioned above there are limitations with connectivity and I find the gain is very high.