Odyssey Epiphony IV Bookshelves

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Re: Odyssey Epiphony IV Bookshelves
« Reply #20 on: 24 Jun 2014, 06:03 pm »
Hi Klaus, oh man, I thought my Epi is the 1st prototype pair & the 2nd pair is an upgraded version. But I'm still happy since the previous 7 pairs might not sound as good as the ones I have now. Last weekend, my friend brought his Kismet mono blocks and Candela along with his Groneberg cables, we wanted to see how much this Epi could handle... the results is that I called Klaus on Monday to inquire for a set of Kismet mono blocks. I might just have to wait a few more months... One of my friends said "this Epi sounds many more times better than the Dyn".


Re: Odyssey Epiphony IV Bookshelves
« Reply #21 on: 25 Jun 2014, 10:26 pm »
well,  as for the Cyclops with the Epis and Groneberg LS cables,  that would be the $ 1,800. system.......using the pre simply because most people need more than 1 input


Re: Odyssey Epiphony IV Bookshelves
« Reply #22 on: 26 Jun 2014, 12:36 pm »
I find myself in the market for a pair of bookies/monitors.anyone have any pictures of the newest version?

Thank you kindly.


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« Reply #23 on: 13 Dec 2014, 12:34 am »
It's been a few months since my 1st pair of Epi. With my 2nd pair Epi with the upgraded version, I was told the overall improvement would be just a few percent. For my own ears, I find it to be more than 10% improvement over the standard version. For now, the bass is a tad deeper, the details more clarity and extend more, then here is my favorite part, the vocal is to die for. I always thought only Scanspeak would give me such romantic & emotion on the mid, but this little pair is just more than anyone could ask for. At the end they are in the Odyssey line of speakers, and they share similarities. For its small size is more than enough to fill my 22x20x9 ft room. I love Odyssey so much & order me a Candela & the Kismet Tube Phono Preamp. I received my Candela last week & the next week will be my Kismet Phono. I know many people might not like the C product, but I put in the a pair of Psvane 12au7 MK1, OMG... is all that I can say. Words cannot describe how it sounds. If you have Candela, give it a try & let's see what your thoughts.   


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Re: Odyssey Epiphony IV Bookshelves
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hehehehehehehehe...and nope, not on the site yet...these are Epiphony project 4's....more to come.

reading the above posts, and thinking a bit. You might remember the pair of hard maple finished Dennis Had built book shelf speakers I have. These were built for 2a3 tubes, and I ran eight watt mono blocks thru them. This new speaker reminds me a lot of them. These speakers would get down to about 40Hz max, and never seemed to have a top end limit.
No issue with the typical CD anyway, but really came to life with an LP. I added a ten inch sub with them, and saw little if any more bass. You may have designed and built a jewel!


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Re: Odyssey Epiphony IV Bookshelves
« Reply #25 on: 20 Dec 2014, 06:59 pm »

Fascinating read.  Thank you for posting.

Quick question - are you still running the Epiphony with the 845 45watt SET amp? Or have you graduated to something else? And if not, was it because the amp is not a good fit? 


In the mid of May 2014, I was looking for a pair of small bookshelves to go with my 25 Watts/ch 845 output Single Ended mono blocks. Klaus said he has a pair of prototype Epiphony IV not yet available on the market & see if I would like to give it a try. I said sure, why not. At the time, I have the Lorelei which is great speakers but didn't match with my low power tube amps. On the evening of his arrivals in Newport Beach, I went there to pickup my speakers before the Show started. Klaus said this little pair can go down to as low as 35Hz, my eyes were almost popped out... this thing is like about 18 lbs each, Bottom 13.5"D x 7.5"W x 14.5H, top is 10.5"D,  1" tweeter & 5" woofer, I took them home & plugged in my system, the first thing I said "size doesn't matter". I immediately think of a pair of Dynaudio C1 II (est. $10,000/pr retail), this Epiphony has the speed, quickness, clarity & soundstage wall to wall of the Dyn, & vocal of the Lorelei, the bass is crisp & tight. I cannot use words to describe the sounds but you just have to hear it to believe. The cost is 10% of the Dyn. I waited 2 days after the Newport Show & called Klaus to order my 2nd pair to keep as my collection with all the upgrades such as Mundorfs caps, Groneberg wires & WBT binding posts. Klaus is the man is all that I can say.       


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« Reply #26 on: 21 Dec 2014, 06:34 am »
Ultralight, I'm no longer using the 845 amps. I'm now using the Cary Audio SLAM-100, 95 wats/ch in triode mode and 160 watts/ch ion ultra linear mode. With the Cary and Cendela preamp is a much much much better match. I have an extra pair Epi standard version that I'm willing to let go if you are not willing to wait for weeks and months to order a pair.


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Re: Odyssey Epiphony IV Bookshelves
« Reply #27 on: 3 Nov 2018, 05:55 pm »

How are the IV’s sounding 4 years later? I’m really interested in ordering a pair; they would make a great match with my Cyclops. My other question would be about their bass response, how low will they go?  my listening mostly consists of classic & prog rock.