Just a heads up - Will Post a M901 w/Dodd buffer & cap upgrade 4 sale tomorrow

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I just wanted to let everyone on the Virtue Circle know that I will be posting my M901 on the trading post tomorrow. Dodd tube buffer and the Sonicaps Platinum bypass upgrade. Comes with 30v/130w power supply and 4 tubes - Gary's stock JJ ECC 803S, two Psvane 12ax7s and a Brimar 13d5 (a 12au7 equivalent).  Black face and sides, with a cherry top. 9/10 on the scale.  I would prefer the amp go to someone on the site as I have enjoyed my interactions here and I know folks here will appreciate it. So, if you are interested or know someone who might be, check it out. If I don't get any responses, it will go on Audiogon next week.


Could be nice because it will have a better match with my pre amp because of the higher input impedance. A pity it is only available for yankees.


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Looks like a pristine unit! 

Great buy for someone!