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  • T.H.E. Show Newport Beach: 30 May 2014 - 1 Jun 2014

T.H.E. Show Newport Beach

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Re: T.H.E. Show Newport Beach
« Reply #80 on: 1 Jul 2014, 01:45 pm »
There are too many shows IMO.  It gets old for us (at least me) to see the same crap show after show.  It must get old for the people that have to write about the same thing over and over.   :duh:


Re: T.H.E. Show Newport Beach
« Reply #81 on: 1 Jul 2014, 02:01 pm »
I spoke with Marjorie Baumert (RMAF) this past weekend and she said the press has made it clear their budgets don't allow for sending people to all the shows, simply too many. They are looking for new product introductions, something that is worth covering, which rather goes along with jtwrace's comment about seeing the same old thing every year. The takeaway was if you have a new product to show, do a press release ahead of time saying it will be premiered at the XXX show, this will help entice the press into attending and covering the new product.