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LampizatOr Rave

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Re: LampizatOr Rave
« Reply #140 on: 25 Oct 2013, 08:53 pm »
OK yes, sorry for the inspirational rambling... Back to the Lampizator  equipment itself. As a brief L4G4 owner I quickly realized how "real" the sound had become with it substituted for my Bryston BDA 1 ( which I always felt was a 'no slouch, solid performer' ), in fact, I was pretty much ready to go for the BDA 2 before Berto brought this plain-faced lookin box with Lampizator written on it over to my place.That's when I was sold. Ordered one, took delivery soon thereafter... And knew I had found the "source" . Only when I started reading about the Big 6 (again, because i had glanced at the write ups but thought it might be too much)did I realize that if it was half what it claimed it was and ANY significant improvement over the L4 I'd be ecstatic.
  So I took the plunge. My noted differences were this: the L4 and Big 6 shared a similar house sound... Open, relaxed, natural , unforced... Excellent imaging, mids, very good extension ( and coherence) top to bottom... A keeper. No "need" to move on ... VERY enjoyable and a great value .
What did the Big 6 do better in my room? Just a noticeable step "more" in the above areas but only really noticeable when I literally A/B'd them both on the same night with exact same material closely timed from one to the other... Otherwise you would have to literally own and live with both before your easily noticed there differences EXCEPT for just a couple other things... The Big 6, in my room, completely... and I mean completely removed the wall from behind my speakers and made my already vanished speakers seem like a "shock to behold" when you opened your eyes during listening...the "believability factor" simply blew off the charts. Tangible presence and absolutely like like "You ARE There-ness" was simply uncanny. So, I can't "list" more adjectives... This is the only way I can describe it.
OK guys... That's my stick - to- topic "report". Hope it helps.


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Re: LampizatOr Rave
« Reply #141 on: 3 Nov 2013, 03:08 pm »
I'll soon be taking delivery of the G4 L4, but was wondering about transport. Has anyone compared an external converter (I have the Audiophilleo and Offramp 5 on the way) with the likes of a Lampizator transport? In my setup the Audiophilleo + Aqvox USB PSU has improved upon every transport I've had in house and as my Lampizator will have an i2s option, it seems running it through an Offramp Hynes Regulated is a sure bet. Then again, as the adage seems to go, I've never heard the Lampizator (transport)...