A Message from Louis...

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Jim W.

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A Message from Louis...
« on: 26 Jul 2004, 03:43 pm »

Seems that Louis has had some computer problems over he past week or so and he wants all of you to know.  His computer crashed and he has not had access to e-mail or the Internet (this website).  So, if you've tried to reach Louis with questions, he is not ignoring you, which I don't think I need to tell you given his level of customer service  :D .

Louis said his computer should be up and running again within a week, if not sooner.



Louis O

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A Message from Louis...
« Reply #1 on: 2 Aug 2004, 02:49 am »
Hi Jim W.

Many thanks for the post.

I'm up and running again with new computer. E-mail and the Web is no problem. The website still is. Updates will take a while as all the files are still trapped in the old machine. I have more pics and more info to post regarding the new speakers (Minuets), cable prices on the Omega Audio R speaker cables, and composite platforms. Also sending out a lot of review samples, so many new reviews are in the works.

I'm getting ready for Denver and bringing a lot of new stuff including the Minuets. I also submitted a pair for the raffle.

Many thanks,