Damaged speakers - what to do?

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Re: Damaged speakers - what to do?
« Reply #80 on: 25 May 2014, 02:28 am »
Hi Guys,

Just trying to determine which aurum cantus ribbon tweeter the HT3 speakers use as  I have the older version? I'm going to buy a stock of replacement ribbons for the tweeters. 

I did have a bit of a setback with my system as I blew one of the Ampzilla mono blocks and I had to return it to Wyred 4 Sound for repair.  Its back in my system and working well again.

Cheers Rod

So are you saying you zapped the tweeter?  It's the G-2, but changing the ribbon is very tricky and best left to someone who's done it before, like Jim. 


Re: Damaged speakers - what to do?
« Reply #81 on: 25 May 2014, 05:58 am »
Hi Dennis,

No the tweeter is fine.  I'm going to keep the speakers for years and thought it would be best to have some spares.  I read a post on another thread and it looks like someone has torn an aurum cantus ribbon and this triggered my enquiry.  I previously had a pair of speakers that used raven ribbon tweeters and I had to regularly replace the ribbons on them.

Thanks for your help.

Regards Rod