Spoiler tubeDAC with OR5 inside for sale

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Spoiler tubeDAC with OR5 inside for sale
« on: 24 Jul 2013, 07:28 pm »
SOLD  Against my wifes wishes, I decided to upgrade and sell my personal Spoiler DAC.  I am selling to generate cash for Vapor Audio speakers I want to buy.  This is a 6922 tube output DAC that uses dual PCM1704 D/A chips.  Because of these chips, it is limited to 24/96 and lower sample-rates.  The standard version of this DAC sold originally for $5999.00.  The tubes in it are Siemens CCA grey-plates with better than NOS life.  They are better than specs by a lot.  These cost over $450.00 for the pair.  The output caps are a combination of V-Cap oils and Penta Teflons costing around $400.00 my cost.  12 or 14 Black Gate FK's on the motherboard.  All rectifiers are soft-switching HEXFREDs.

This Spoiler now has an Off-Ramp 5 embedded inside and can be used as a USB converter as it provides BNC output (RCA adapter included) as well.  It has 2 inputs, Async USB and S/PDIF coax via RCA connector.  Single-ended left and right RCA outputs.  The USB interface is internally coupled with I2S to the D/A chips.  The OR5 has the S/PDIF Hynes reg option.  The I2S is powered from the main Hynes reg on the USB module.

The DC power for the internal Off-Ramp 5 is provided via external DC connector and a standard AC adapter is included.  This can also be powered from a Hynes supply.  That is why the power is external.  Better anyway.

This Spoiler also includes a Short-Block USB filter.

Some photos:

I would like to get $3000.00 plus shipping and any PayPal fees for it. 
30-day money back less shipping.  1 year parts and labor warranty.

Steve N.
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