First look at Eighth Nerve Spinal Cord

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First look at Eighth Nerve Spinal Cord
« on: 22 May 2004, 02:31 am »
Last Friday, Nathan from Eighth Nerve sent two pair of his new Spinal Cords for me to audition.  I spent a great deal of time this past week trying to get some hours on these cords to offer some thoughts.

First, let me say these cords look like the Audience powerchord sharing similar plugs and braided plastic outer skin. They are, however, not as flexible as Audience cords, but you can bend them to shape in tighter spaces without causing damage.  Nathan did not have time to give me all of the details about the construction except to say he is using solid core copper as a basis for this cord.  Let me say that I spent a week getting used to these cords.  There wasn't much to report soundwise. They do what all good cords are supposed to do which is reduce steady-state noise and grunge. Good PCs should make it easier to hear the music.  For me, a good PC should not add any flavor or coloration to the sound.  In my systems, this cord exceeded my expectations for these critical areas.

Many on this site are fans of the Audience powerchord. For the money, they have been described as a bargain for what they do. Many describe the Audience powerchord as very balanced in tonality, having superb detail (again, in balance; neither too much nor too little of it), and they’re smooth. Not colored-smooth, but just-right-smooth.  Let's say, after a week in my systems to my ears, these new Eighth Nerve Spinal Cords are also very balanced in tonality and smooooooth!  I was hearing bass detail that I had not heard before.  It was like taking the one note boom box bass out of my system and giving back real bass. As Nathan says "This cord is very  transparent with natural full-textured balance, and impact." I concur!   Since I am a cheapskate, the pricing on this product meets my pricing critieria.  I think that's why Nathan asked me to give them a try.  I know there are many other power cord values available to us cheapskates.  Chis Venhaus Flavor cords come to mind as a value leader.  I have not had an opportunity to use these cords; however, I just inserted some Pulsar ICs into my system.  The Eighth Nerve PCs/CVH Pulsars ICs out the box have produced the best sound in my systems! The Pulsars have not had time to break in especially in the treble area, but I can already see why many others like this new IC.  Sorry to get off topic.

For anyone looking for a good (cheap, I mean value) powercord, give Nathan at Eighth Nerve a call to audition these great news PCs. Highly recommended!


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First look at Eighth Nerve Spinal Cord
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Thanks for the heads-up!  :mrgreen: