For your consideration RWA Liliana's monos

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For your consideration RWA Liliana's monos
« on: 2 Jan 2013, 12:00 am »
Hi to all
Today I would like to share some of my thoughts from my experience with Red Wine Audio "Liliana" mono blocks. I have them home for more then two weeks and ran them now close to one-hundred hours. In my opinion they still need more hours for break in but I can already hear much of an improvement as time goes. On the bottom I will specified my system so you can get a better picture.

For the past couple of years, I'm on the path of single drivers speakers and SET amps. Well RWA is not exactly SET amp and I did sacrifice big heavy iron with nice warm globe from all kings and queens of tubes for little 6922/12ax7 battery and not so much heavy chasis. Oh yes you do read correctly: 6922/6dj8/7308/E88cc/6dj7 and all family but also 12ax7/12au7/5751/Ecc803 and all in this category. All is possible because of a super cute switch between each family. And what a play it is.

Because RWA monos are very, and I mean very honest and revealing, you can pin point out characteristics of sound on every each tube. I have collected lots of tubes over the years and Liliana's can actually tell me which tube is ready to go down because of the voices and the top end resolutions distortions. That is detto for cables. Here is link to specifications:
There will be new "Renaissance Edition" release later this week.

Friday I went to my dear friend in PA and we connect RWA monos to speakers he designed and build. We have used the same company speaker cables but different models. As for cooper, but different price and gauge, I am guessing that it is a different quality of copper. One of the guys who was there had this statement: "I never believe in good or bad cables, they're all the same. It's just the manufactures who make you spend money for nothing." Well, for somebody who is an owner of a nice Boss Theatre System, I'm thinking, then he may be right on spot.
But then when we did a switch with cables and played the same song again, his jaw dropped. Day and night difference between speaker cables. Now, there was five people so everybody has had different opinions to what sound was better, but we all agreed that the sound was different.  Then we started to play with tube rolling and changing source and Preamp. We even changed speakers, but 12" massive horns suits me best.

Everybody who knows me,know that my number one rule is: Synergy between your components to achieve sound what you like. This is not an easy task and takes a long time, money, and effort to accomplice your goals. Sometimes you can get confused on the road and then you start running into circles. Trust me I did see this happen.
At last, what did I think about Liliana's sound? Yes, like I mentioned before, there is not 100% sound yet there, but I'm in love already. What is a big give away for me is the SET, heavy iron big tube sound. RWA is definitely different,but not digital or solid state sound. Yet,you can trust me on that emotions are there. And lots of them. My thing is dynamics and that is absolutely fantastic with my speakers. I like my Lores from Tekton design, from the beginning I have them, but never on what they can do with bass and dynamics. I just found full potential of these speakers. 3D, separation, voices, layers and layers of music. Everything is there.
Here is the deal: Have your friends over and let them sit down on your spot. Then pick some good quality recordings, but songs what your friends have never hear before, and make sure that this song is not their taste of music. Then stand aside and watch them. If they do not complain and will listen to the song to the end - that is good sign. But if you  see them move their legs, finger tips, or heads to the rhythm of music then you have a very good system.
And that is what happen on Friday. I said: "Guy's before we go let me please play something for you." I took my iPhone put iTunes and scrolled for Oscar Peterson Trio "We Get Request". Then plug 3.5mm to RCA adaptor to iPhone and plug my Gabriel gold R interconnect cables directly to RWA monos. That was it. Man, first people started looking at each other in total shock and disbelieve,then bodies started to move into the rhythm of the music.
Now, there are lots of amps there for $6,000, but I choose these for a lot of reasons and I'm happy.      Cheers Ritchie

P.S. If you like to know more,please send me PM

speakers:      Tekton Design "Lore"
speaker cable: L.A.T. International "SS-1000D"
Preamp:        Akustyk/Music First "Classic"
IC cables:     L.A.T. International IC-300 Signature
               Gabriel Gold "Rapture R"
CD Player:     Jas Audio "Music 1.2"
DAC:           Lindemann 24/192 USB