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Re: Cartridge settings
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If you mean effective length it's measured from pivots to end of overhang.  Overhang is the distance from the spindle, to the intersection of a line extending from the pivot and the alignment arc.  An arm with 15mm overhang, and pivots 130mm from the spindle, has eff length of 145mm. Other arm lengths are specified as overall length, or mounting distance which is spindle to mounting hole center.

Edit: I meant to say an arm of 230mm + 15mm overhang = 245mm eff length. The concept is the same but a 145mm arm would be rather short, maybe a linear tracker.  But a linear tracker doesn't have overhang. Eff  length would be pivot to stylus in either case. 
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Re: Cartridge settings
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Finally installed my other table with a Koetsu Black.  92 degrees agrees with it the most.  In point of fact, I was listening to Sinatra's Only The Lonely not long ago with my Grado on a second table and heard some cupped hands distortion to some of his notes.  Switched from 90 to what I believe nearer 92 degrees and lost that distortion.  Tricky bidness what with records varying in thickness.  Having SRA on the fly would be nice.

I'm sure we all realize what digital folks are thinking if and when they follow discussions like this, :o we are bonkers.  But, then, apples to apples, I think they could be made to change their tune without much effort.  Some wouldn't under any circumstances.  A friend of mine had a perfectly fine vinyl set up and sold it and all his albums to purchase what I suppose you could call a SOTA dig system.  To me it produced very fine sound, just without the feeling, hence, involvement, that I am accustomed to.  Rather like looking at an Ansel Adams photograph rather than an oil painting.  And I DO NOT mean ones painted by the numbers.  Adam's photos are marvels alright and his shots can stir emotions, just not nearly as much or as deeply for me.


Re: Cartridge settings
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G'day all, I was cleaning out my 'favourites' on my computer today, and found this fascinating article that is recommended reading. 

Having studied moving magnet cartridge loading for many years, I am very aware of most of this material and it confirms just how critical capacitance loading is with many moving magnet cartridges, like my beloved OEM elliptical stylus Shure M97xE. 

Incidentally, whilst I promoted 62 k loading with that cartridge for some years, I have since gone back to the standard 47 k for the last few years, but in that case the shunt load capacitance is 'critical', being optimal in the 250 to 300 picofarads range overall, with 47 k.  Yes it is 'that' critical, but then again not many can believe how good the stock Shure M97xE can sound when loaded optimally with the right shunt capacitance.  Anyway the linked article is highly recommended reading!  Regards, Felix.