FS: Empirical Pace Car Type I and SB Touch - Price Drop

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Original price after mods for pair: $2000

Asking price for set: $950 now $625 + PayPal. Free shipping world wide.

This is a Pace Car Type I with 2 standard clocks. It will play all the usual bit rates up to 192K, so you can play all your files at their native rates. (Unlike Synchro-Mesh).

Has I2S (Empirical protocol) and SPDIF Coax outs. SPDIF Coax input (and clock inputs from the Touch). The SB Touch will also play up to 192K files with the new EDO add-on app available for download.

The SBT has been slaved to the Pace Car, so these need to be sold as a unit. Condition is good, with normal wear and tear. No major cosmetic problems, a couple of nicks on the edges of the faceplate of the PC, not noticeable unless you are close.

Although this is an older Pace Car, it was checked out by Steve and modded about 2 years ago to work with the Touch. The wall wart for the Pace Car is his newer kind as sold with his new stuff, and sounds much better than a standard wall wart. You don't need to spend any money on fancy power upgrades with this unit.

Sound: vastly improved sound compared to the standard Touch, as would be expected from Empirical.

Reason for selling: Moved to direct FW/USB input from my server to my Mytek 192 DSD DAC, with JRiver interface on an iPad, so this is good gear that I don't really need anymore.

Bonus: meet my price and I'll throw in an SLA Battery and charger for the Pace Car, so you can take it off the grid.

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Re: FS: Empirical Pace Car Type I and SB Touch - Price Drop
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