Another KWI 200 Review - Translated from Polish magazine, syndicated at 6Moons!

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 This review first appeared in the October 2012 issue of hi-end hifi magazine High Fidelity, by Marek Dyba.

Link: -

Link: - High Fidelity, Poland.

Another look at our KWI 200, fully loaded in this case with DAC and Phono.  One correction, our USB module uses M2Tech technology and not XMOS.  Not sure why reviewers computer registered driver as XMOS.  Disc provided with unit featured M2Tech drivers.


Dan Wright
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Srajan Ebaen

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The hiFace One used the Cypress Semi USB transceiver. The hiFace Two switched to XMOS. If you went with the newer OEM module from Marco Manunta, that would explain it  :thumb:


Thanks Srajan, that makes sense!



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The explanation is little bit disturbing...

my KWI+DAC, delivred in Octobre, is based on the first version because needs the m2tech driver....
The two version of OEM module continue to be integred  in the amp ?



To be honest, I am not really sure how or why XMOS came up as the driver.

I am using the same M2Tech devices as I have from the beginning.  In fact, still from the same initial order from M2Tech, so I am not sure.  I have not changed devices from M2Tech.

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Dan W.