In Home audition guidelines.

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In Home audition guidelines.
« on: 7 Feb 2003, 06:57 pm »
The following are the guidelines for the free in home demo:

The demo period is limited to one week but may be extended to two weeks upon request to allow others in the area the opportunity to hear them. Allowing as many people as possible to hear the speakers before they are shipped to the next destination is encouraged.

GR Research also asks that you post your impressions of these speakers in one or more of the more popular audio oriented message boards and encourage posting feedback in as many audio forums you like. Customer feedback is our most valuably form of advertising and it keeps us from having to launch expensive ad campaigns through other advertising avenues that would force us to increase the price of our products.

Please list your associated equipment, and feel free to use any others speakers as a baseline for comparisons.

The value of these speakers must be secured with a credit card while they are in your possession. You will be held responsible for our product while it is in your possession. So, please be careful not to damage them in any way. No charges will be made on your credit card unless there is some sort of incidental damage.

These have been packaged in such a way as to minimize the possibility of any shipping damage. I have packed them in a padded wooden create. Carefully unpack these, as they must be repackaged in the same manner as they were received. If there is any visible damage please report it immediately to GR Research.

After your audition period please carefully repackage them, and take them to your local UPS facility for shipping. An address will be provided for you to ship them to the next auditioner. We do ask that you cover the shipping cost to the next destination, and (this is very important) you must insure them for $800. to cover the cost of accidental loss or destruction during shipping. Then send a copy of the UPS tracking number (ask UPS for it) to GR Research (via e-mail) so it can be tracked.

Sample units are not for sale. These burned in units must be sent to the next destination.

Call or e-mail me to get put on the list, but don't e-mail your credit card info.
The A/V-1 audition list is not a long one right now and you can receive a pair soon after your request (within a few weeks).

Home audition pairs of A/V-1+'s and the new Criterion are also available but the waiting list is currently a couple of months long on those models.