Eastern Electric Avant pre-amp

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Eastern Electric Avant pre-amp
« on: 6 Sep 2012, 09:47 pm »
When I received the Eastern Electric per-amp. I wasn't thrilled.  I thought that my AVA T-8+ blew it away in clarity, depth of soundstage, and quietness.  When I learned that the pre-amp's sound purportedly improved when balanced inputs and outputs were used, I promptly out it back in it's box and re-connected the T-8+.  Although some of you may call me a fan-boy, although not to my face, in-person, mano v. mano (iust kidding), except Zybar, one of the most generous people that I have met, and I must mention Wayner, Dennis Murphy, the Salks, Frank Van Alstine, OgOgilby, TJ Hub, Armand, Mike G., Jeff Bagby, Gordy (R.I.P), Ed Kramer, et al., I think that Frank has developed small (line) electric components, particularly, to an art form.  No one does it better.  However, I read of review or the Art Audio Clean box, and decided to give one a whirl, fearful of introducing noise into the system.  Low and behold, connected to the output stage, and facilitated full use of the driver tubes, there was a vast improvement.  I haven't detected any additional noise in the system, but I recently moved and am waiting to (3) 20 amp dedicated circuits installed.  I would ordinarily do it myself, but this was previously a commercial building, and there isn't a basement or crawl space (or building wiring schematic).  Since there was improvement, I purchased a second Clean Box for the inputs.  These units convert RCA to XLR and vice-versa.  With both the XLR inputs and outputs used, the pre-amp provides a much fuller sound. 

Regarding the low frequency response, the T-8+ blows it away.  The T-8+ was best of show; no easy feat. 

I like the EE Avant.  Some will like it better than any AVA offerings.  Side-by-side comparisons are difficult.  Maybe a NEAR G2G @ my new home for more comparison? 

Notwithstanding, Bill provides excellent products and outstanding customer service, in addition to being a kind and decent man.  He has my utmost respect and admiration.