vote only for one that you like it the most.

2B   SST2
5 (5.7%)
3B   SST2
4 (4.5%)
4B   SST2
28 (31.8%)
6B   SST2
3 (3.4%)
7B   SST2
22 (25%)
9B   SST2
1 (1.1%)
14B SST2
11 (12.5%)
28B SST2
14 (15.9%)

Total Members Voted: 88

Your most favorite BRYSTON power amp

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Re: Your most favorite BRYSTON power amp
« Reply #60 on: 3 Sep 2012, 04:26 am »
I have had a pair of PP300 SST monoblocs for a few years now and they get my favorite vote. I have them mounted to the back of the AV cabinet, so they are literally and figuratively transparent.



Re: Your most favorite BRYSTON power amp
« Reply #61 on: 9 Jun 2013, 05:43 pm »
Wasn't joking when I named the 6B 3 channel power amp my favorite Bryston power amp... ;)

Unfortunately, only the three 6B SST at the bottom are here to stay, as the SP-3 only supports 7 channels and my speakers are not bi- or tri amp capable. Currently offering the top two on German Fleabay...

Anybody have experience in adding a second pair of side surround speakers and a digital delay to give them their own distance adjustment? In the long run, I want to use all 9 channels available.