Who has an Audiophile Stereo in their Vehicle...Please post the details!

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My last audiophile system consisted of an Alpine 7949 with optical to the DAC in the trunk.  It had time correction with a microphone.  Excellent deck.  Speakers were Vifa XT25 tweeters that I installed in pods made of pcb.  7" drivers were doped paper ScanSpeak (of which I forget the model).  Sub was a 10" unit by Lambda Acoustics (hand made in Florida)...crossover was a BLue Tube Driver and McIntosh pair of amps....

Even the home audio store manager where I hung out was impressed by the soundstaging and imaging....:-)

There was a custom cloth cover for the drivers.

I also used a Scan Speak tweeter...best of all.  Scan Speak 2904/6000-01 tweeter