Can you get Audiophile Sound in your Car...

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Re: Can you get Audiophile Sound in your Car...
« Reply #40 on: 26 Apr 2012, 02:13 am »
They are Qform but custom sealed inside with fiber glass making them sealed and solid!  It matched the interior plastic well.  I experimented with tweeters in the pods but the sound seems like it was coming from below the dash.  Lots of experimentation to get the sound exactly what I like.  Once the tweeters were correctly positioned above (stealth) imaging has improved tremendously.

Believe it or not they go pretty low, I don't need a subwoofer with my setup.

Looks like "Qforms".  I remember when they came out.
I was a beta tester for the VW Jetta unit.  No offense if they are
hand laid fiberglass and body putty overlaid with vinyl.


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Re: Can you get Audiophile Sound in your Car...
« Reply #41 on: 21 Jul 2012, 06:24 pm »
my car system is kinda what started me on my path to true audiophile quality gear at home.

my philosophy at the time was that if i couldn't afford to gear up audiophile quality at home i should at least try and get a decent sound out of my car.

i drive a toyota corolla '99 hatch and decked it out with-

- alpine HU with USB / ipod connection in glovebox
- boston acoustic SR60 front splits
- boston 2 channel amp (now replaced with rockford fosgate punch 2 channel amp) driving splits
- alpine type-R 12" sub
- alpine 1000w monoblock driving sub

the sound is amazing. i don't claim to be any sort of audiophile expert and know not a lot about what an audiophile might consider amazing but i do know music. music is my life and the music sounds incredible.

i have been meaning to do the dampening thing but have never got around to it and never really bothered as it sounds decent as is. have also been meaning to look at possibility of adding an external USB DAC / processor into the setup but never really looked into it. has anyone else tried this?

eventually i got sick of only having quality audio in the car so bit the bullet and $9000 later i now have quality gear at home. in comparison, my car only cost approx $1500-$2000 to gear up and though the home audio experience far exceeds what the car can do, bang for buck factor the rolla upgrade was a worthy upgrade. don't think i'll ever sell the car and it should drive forever like corollas do.

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