‘The end of the CD isn’t nigh (well, not just yet, anyway…)’

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interested to hear your opinion about this:



Thought I sometime ago (a year or so?) read that some Japanese person has developed a new technique, increasing the capacity of the disc 10-fold (or higher)?  Or was it the DVD format.  If it's the DVD format, the Blu-Ray has already murdered the DVD.....


I do believe we're in for a paradigm change, just like in the cable-providers, newspapers, network business. Video-renting and download-services, all changing from physical to digital.

My fear is that because of the power of the crowd.....downloads will stick with mp3 resolution, and the power of the possibilities of the BDP1's in this world  is not used to its limits in the future standard. Leaving us with a quality less then before the CD again.

That's why Andrew Everard believes the end of cd isn't nigh, I do hope the industry thinks so too, or will deliver the goods to the best of its possibilities, and not the habits of the crowd.



In the past two days I bought or received 58 CD's. Most used (all in like-new condition), and all pre-2000. I bought +/- 500 CD's last year (all pre-2000, and most used) and am on track to do the same or exceed that number this year. Not bragging, just making a point. There are millions of albums on CD and the stuff that interests me most is music made from the late 70's to the late 90's. There are a few bands still around that I'd like to get their next release on CD, but for the most part I could care less if they ever pressed another CD again. I wouldn't know where to store them anyway.....


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There's been a few reports that 2011 that claim digital downloads exceed physical media sales.    I would assume CD sales will mimick record sales in such a way that the mom-and-pop stores and the big online stores will be all that is left.   Best Buy is a great example of the market shrinking, there's just 3 1/2 isles at the BB store close to me, before it was six really large isles.