Link to Single Ended amplifier video.

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Roger A. Modjeski

Link to Single Ended amplifier video.
« on: 9 Feb 2013, 08:42 pm »
Just posted 2/7/13, How to build an SE power amp.

Contact us at to order.

The ready to play unit with tubes and a 1/4 inch MDF top and bottom is supplied with a 3 foot inexpensive RCA cable just to get you going. I presume most users will add RCA input connectors and speaker connectors of their choice, we have several levels of Cardas avaliable.

As a special offer to AC members the introductory price is $650. After the first run of kits is sold the price will be $750. This is the same EM7 amp we sell for $1250 in a finished case with Cardas connectors.

As per a member's request we can offer parts and a schematic for $350 for those who have experience in building tube circuits. I would advise that those builders have an voltmeter, oscillator and oscilloscope to confirm typical voltages, waveform purity, frequency response and correct phase.
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