Dakiom 'Feedback Stabilizers' anyone?

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Re: Dakiom 'Feedback Stabilizers' anyone?
« Reply #20 on: 8 Aug 2008, 02:55 pm »
I did indeed try them. They really helped an Adcom amp that I had modded by Stan Warren, but actually degraded the sound of the Dussun V8i.


Re: Dakiom 'Feedback Stabilizers' anyone?
« Reply #21 on: 8 Aug 2008, 03:21 pm »
Yeah, I found the amp units to not be beneficial, as well (solid state and tube I've had them on).

But, the rca versions, for players and preamps, worked well on all tried.



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Re: Dakiom 'Feedback Stabilizers' anyone?
« Reply #22 on: 22 Oct 2008, 08:06 pm »
I bought one of the then top of the line units for CD players and preamps -- don't recall which model now, but it was $99.  I tried it on the Onix CD player I had at the time and although at first it sounded pretty good, it didn't take me long to pull it out and throw it in a box somewhere.

I recently came across that box a couple of weeks ago and found the thing and was just going to advertise it for sale here, but then decided to plug it into te red wine modified Toshiba 3980 player that I was using into my Carina and Horns.

Well, I'll be damned, it made a significant and wonderful upgrade.  I've had it in the setup for almost a couple weeks now and it's still wonderful -- far less harsh and fatiguing, overall much more smooth, better bass, lots more tone to acoustic instruments and voices, etc.

Then I swapped in the RWA 30.2 for the Carina, and still wonderful.

I had planned on just selling this toshiba player once my good phillips top-loading transport arrives, but it will probably end up in a very small basic system in the bedroom -- already have the speakers (ones I built), and a Tweak City Audio $100 Gizmo amp, and presto -- a tiny, decent system that can easily sit on a bookshelf.

The dakiom made a huge, positive difference in this player, but as I said earlier, really ruined the sound of the Onix player I had (which was the more expensive Onix model at about $1000).

-- Jim


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Re: Dakiom 'Feedback Stabilizers' anyone?
« Reply #23 on: 22 Oct 2008, 10:36 pm »
From the patents, it looks like it just presents an increasing capacitance to an increasing signal.  I wouldn't dare try any of these on tube amps outputs (or ever any amp output), or it may blow it up.  Adding capacitance to the output of an amp will reduce phase margin and possibly put your amp into oscillation.  I don't see how adding these 'feedback stabilizers' actually make things better, they would actually makes things worse.  Ever hear about having really long or high capacitance cables on some amps can cause bad things to happen?  Same thing here...  I'm not trying to smear this product, but it just seems dangerous.


Re: Dakiom 'Feedback Stabilizers' anyone?
« Reply #24 on: 23 Oct 2008, 01:16 am »
Dakiom advises that the product will not work with most tube gear...and, indeed, I have tried and found that to be true.

There is even the occasional solid state product that it worsens....my old modded MSB Gold Link III DAC for one.  But, my cheapie $49 COBY, with regulated 12volt power supply and a Dakiom on it, sounds better (less bass, but better) and more natural than the MSB ever did.  As jimgoulding indicates, way less harsh.

I have the top-of-the-line one from CD to preamp now....the pain of the $200 it costs (ouch) mitigated by the fact that it replaces your IC's, too (which for me were Monster Cable, and about $59 at Best Buy).  I have my original unit (the cheapie $49 one) hanging out of my preamp outputs (stabilizing feedback another way) and an amp Dakiom (A103 I think it's called) hanging off my speaker connector outputs.

I have to say I'm amazed how substantially they have improved my system.  I've been burned enough by 'magic' tweeks to be very way...but I have to say this is the real deal (for 75% of the audiophool gear out there)  :)


Jim N.

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Re: Dakiom 'Feedback Stabilizers' anyone?
« Reply #25 on: 23 Oct 2008, 02:11 am »
I added an R263 for the 2 channel outs from my Pioneer 79avi last week. I use Steinberg  Wavelab 6 to make DVD-A discs from .wav files. It (Dakiom) is a nice refinement. I was not expecting much from it but the results have been positive thus far. I won't go into audiophoolspeak. My system just sounds a little bit better. It's staying in.


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Re: Dakiom 'Feedback Stabilizers' anyone?
« Reply #26 on: 23 Oct 2008, 02:20 am »
I have a few of these  - purchased purely out of curiosity.  I tried the RCA jack version on a pre-amp and a DAC - could not tell the difference.  I totally forgot that I had these.  After reading this thread, I think I will try on the outputs of the SB3. 

I also have one that I intended to use on the speaker outputs of a Panasonic Receiver with a digital amps, but have just been too darn lazy to install (hard to get to the back of the receiver).  Anyone know if this would be a good fit for a Dakiom? 


Re: Dakiom 'Feedback Stabilizers' anyone?
« Reply #27 on: 23 Oct 2008, 02:45 am »
Unless the Panasonic has a feedback loop that needs stabilization...it's likely to be a bust on it.



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Re: Dakiom 'Feedback Stabilizers' anyone?
« Reply #28 on: 5 May 2009, 04:19 am »
six month bump! i was reading about a new black box over on the sp forum, and thought of these guys.  any updates?


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Re: Dakiom 'Feedback Stabilizers' anyone?
« Reply #29 on: 14 May 2015, 04:34 am »
I know this is an old post.

I have many Dakiom devices. I put them to ss amps and tube amps. In all situation they all worked well making the system consistently highly listenable, which is the main value of this device.