New sub-woofer for GR Research! See pics and specs.

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New sub-woofer for GR Research! See pics and specs.
« Reply #60 on: 4 Jun 2004, 09:01 pm »
Quote from: Danny
Can the PR's be mounted at the bottom of the box?

The suspension of the PR is fairly stiff. I don't think down firing the PR will be a problem.

Just keep it up off the floor a little.

Thanks Danny, I will.

Danny Richie

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« Reply #61 on: 8 Jun 2004, 02:27 am »
The woofers and PR's should be in stock by July the 15th.

Part number for the woofer is SW12A.

Part number for the passive radiator is PR12A.

Too simple huh?  :D


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test results / sub motor
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Just wondering when you might have some test results from the new subs.  I'm REALLY itching to order 7 a/v-1's for my HT but I'm holding out until I decide which subs to get.  I like the small box size and LF extension on these woofers.
     By the way, does the motor on these use a shorting ring or any other stabilization for lower distortion?



New sub-woofer for GR Research! See pics and specs.
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Why would deciding what sub/s to buy hold you back from ordering the A/V1's?
I don't get it. If anything having the A/V1's would mean you'd be able to test out some subs to see how they work with the A/V's, but really any good to great subs should 'match' these speakers.

Also, if you're building 7 A/V 1's as kits I'd think you'd want to get working on that which would give you some time before they're complete and ready to be matched to any subs. And then guessing Danny will have all the info on his new drivers and cabinet designs by then.

In the end if the GR sub/s don't look like what you exactly want... just get diff. subs for your A/V1's you said you're wanting to buy.

Danny Richie

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« Reply #64 on: 22 Jun 2004, 07:22 pm »
All the specs and parameters have been posted here.

Optimal sized box with a -3db at 20Hz is only 2.6 cubic feet.

I have been playing one for a while now with our speakers, including A/V-1's and it works great with them. It should. It was designed to.

Several things in the overall design have been incorporated to lower distortion, but a shorting ring is not one of them.

There are pros and cons to increasing the woofers ability to play up higher.

I don't see the need to play these above 300Hz. They do play smoothly to 500Hz and I believe that is high enough.