Picked up a pair of AR-4X speakers today.......

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Re: Picked up a pair of AR-4X speakers today.......
« Reply #100 on: 28 Feb 2012, 01:59 am »
The ARs are fun! Spent much of Saturday afternoon listening to many good quality LPs and at my usual volume levels, they were very enjoyable. Solid bass, creamy mid-range and very detailed high end. Hard to believe that inconspicuous little driver can make nice.

I haven't put them on the Ultravalve yet, but I'll give it a week or so more so I am comfortably "learned" on how these speakers reproduce. I'm just glad to have been lucky enough to find a pair that was in this good of condition to do a restoration that would be worth while.

I just wanted to have one nice pair of ARs in the collection.

Wayner, this is a great post.  I have spent many nights and weekends working on  my Ar's.  My first pair were AR6's. I had them when I was 16, I'm now 40 years older.  My goal is to collect the first generation.  I have 2's- 2a's-2AXs,-3A's-4x's-6's-7's-10PI's.  I'm looking for garage sale 5's and 8's. I have had LST-2's (should never have sold them)  and an adoptive pair of AR1's with 755s ( I vist them every now and then).  Once it bites you, it never lets go!

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Re: Picked up a pair of AR-4X speakers today.......
« Reply #101 on: 11 Apr 2012, 01:58 am »
I have been looking for a nice pair for several years now. I used to own a pair of AR-2ax and AR-5 speakers and eventually, they went away in one trade or another (audiophile disease).

So today, that very rare opportunity came to be. The AR-4x was the least expensive in the AR line, consisting of an 8" woofer and a 2.50" paper tweeter. It's smallish size (19 X 10 X 9) put it really in the "bookshelf" category and, I believe it was literally designed to be put on a bookshelf (horizontally). It should work well in my studio.

The years of manufacture were about 1965 to about 1973. It was highly praised by both Stereo Review and High Fidelity as the "best of 20" in a speaker stand-off. Many reviewers said that it sounded almost as good as the then flagship model, the AR-3.

Why is this AR the one to collect? It was the only speaker made with a cloth surround on the woofer! No foam rot to deal with. While this speaker will not crank to high heavens, it will produce very accurate musical reproductions, perhaps a rival to some of today's speakers.

I also believe that Henry Kloss worked on these (as my Advent Model 3) and I'm sure this acoustic suspension will be fun.

I LOVE mine! I usually listen to Klipsch Forte I's with a Sansui 8080DB or a Pioneer SX-838, but more and more I find myself testing CD rips and miscellaneous tasks with a pair of AR4X's and a Harman Kardon 430 Twin. Nice, warm presentation and a beauty to look at makes these oldies viable for me. I'm glad to see that yours are so satisfying and beautiful as well. :green: