Good enough for the time being, a Home Theater System by nlitworld

Room Size
13w x 10d x 8h
System Overview
Constant work in progress. Klipsch 5.1.2 setup with Pioneer Elite receiver. Tweaked and modded Thorens TD190 turntable fed through Pro-Ject Tube Box S2 phono stage w/ upgraded Gold Lion tubes. Digital music comes from gaming PC with EVGA NuAudio card played by foobar2k. Also have all our old video game consoles hooked up and ready. Original Nintendo, Sega, N64, PS2 and PS3. Goldeneye deathmatch anyone? All in all it's decent for movie nights and I can relax to some good music after sitting in traffic on the way home.
Movie Preferences
Anything that doesn't suck, preferably no reboots or sequels. Always downloading more to add to the list.
Room Description
Small spare bedroom turned media room for movie nights and music turned to 11.
Acoustic Treatment
DIY 4" wall treatments and attempting to trap some bass with tri-corner traps. Did I mention it's a work in progress?
Media Storage
Media PC networked with 20TB of music and movies. Accessed through gaming PC with EVGA Nu Audio soundcard.
DVD or LaserDisc Player
Satellite or Cable
Comcast can suck it.
Video Display
LG 43" 4K. Not sure which model.
Pioneer Elite LX101 (the baby one). Saving for a nice separated system.
One day... that's phase 2 upgrades
Power Amp
One day... that's phase 2 upgrades
Klipsch RP5000F
Klipsch RP404C
Klipsch R15M
Klipsch R-10SWi, only in use for movies/tv.
Speaker Cable
Main channels using DIY braided bi-wire with KLE banan plugs. Surrounds using Audioquest X2.
Blue Jean's LC1
Power Cables
Daisy chained power strips work ok, right? Currently no power cable upgrades.
Only when necessary
Homemade desk and shelf
Power Cond
Part of phase three upgrades proper electrical upgrades. Until then, currently feeding critical items off Panamax power conditioner.
Tuning and Tweaks
Eyeing new turntable upgrade and some DIY components. After that, should be fairly set for a bit. And more vinyl. Always could use more of that.
Other Components
Setup is all a step in the right direction. Always drooling over bigger and better, but keeping it in check with what's feasible. Hoping to keep upgrading and tinkering with better kit until... well, forever I guess.