300b amps and Omega Super 8XRS in NYC, a Two-channel Audio System by BossaNova31

Room Size
16.5x15.5 with 10ft ceilings
System Overview
Omega Super 8 XRS alnico single driver speakers driven by Manley Neoclassic SE/PP 300B monoblocks.
Music Preferences
Acoustic Guitar, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Bossa Nova, Tango, Samba, Classic Rock, Alternative, etc.
Room Description
Acoustic Treatment
Acoustically not a great living room. I have the speakers on the short wall and the listening chair only about 1ft out from the opposing short wall. The short wall behind me unfortunately has 2 large windows that I am definitely going to have to buy blinds for - just get those large flat glass surfaces covered up. I have a large 10x14 oriental run laid down which helps and a nice fabric sofa along the long wall which also helps I suppose. As this is an upscale (rental) I cannot nor want to use sound panels for aesthetic reasons. The higher ceiling has also resulted in some lost bass impact vs. my old apartment but NYC apartments are always a big compromise :(
Listening Impressions
The Omegas are very fast and detailed but also very natural sounding. Unbelievable mid-range and decent bass for a single driver. Excels at guitar, sax, drums, piano but pretty much anything you want to throw at them. I think they are really great with 300Bs but I also like them with EL84s and would be very curious to hear them driven by quality 805 SETs. I really think the Omegas like more power - 30-40 watts of tube power is probably the sweet spot.
Other Comments
The most noticable improvements in my system have come from tube rolling. NOS Telefunken ECC801s tubes made the Manley Shrimp pre absolutely come alive. The amps have the full treatment - Sophia Carbon plate 300bs, RCA or Ken Rad VT-231s, RCA VT-229s and NOS RCA 5U4GBs
Digital Source
Sony XA9000es (Reference Audio modified)
Manley Shrimp with Telefunken NOS ECC801s (12AT7)
Power Amp
Manley Neoclassic SE/PP 300b monoblocks
Omega Super 8 XRS alnico single driver
Speaker Cable
Acoustic Zen Hologram II
Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II and Matrix Reference II
Power Cables
Black Sand Violet Z1 for source & pre, Black Sand Silver Ref V for the monoblocks and conditioner
Power Cond
PS Audio Power Plant Premier
Tuning and Tweaks
Black Diamond Racing #3 and #4 cones under the SACD and preamp
Other Components
Preamp tubes - Mullard NOS ECC81 or Telefunken NOS ECC801S matched pairs. Amplifier tubes - RCA VT-231 or Ken Rad VT-231 on driver side, RCA VT-229 on input side, RCA NOS 5U4GB rectifiers. Herbie's Tube Dampeners on input and driver tubes. Sophia Carbon Plate 300b tubes.