"Toasty and Warm", a Two-channel Audio System by wafermadness

Room Size
9' wide X 17' long X 7' high
System Overview
Music Hall MMF-5 sitting on CLD maple blocks, Jolida JD-100 w/stage 1 mods (done by Sound Odyssey), used as a transport now. Non-Oversampling Rockna RD-3 (AD1865) DAC, NOS Lite Audio-AH Pacific Valve Mod (8-TDA1543) Marantz ST-500 Tuner, AMD 2400 MHZ/2GB Music Server/Flac file "snagger", Trends UD-10 USB transporter, McAlister Audio PL-15 preamp w/phono stage, McAlister Audio MB-130 "Polished" push/pull mono-blocks, Teo Audio MHD Liquid Cables: 1 set between DAC and preamp, 1 set between preamp and amps. 2-way T-Line DIY speakers 7" midwoofers/ twin push/pull 1" silk domes, 12 feet of Gregg Straley's Reality Cables.