My dedicated audio room, a Two-channel Audio System by Rob S.

Room Size
17 x 21 x 7'4
System Overview
Trying to get great sound without mortgaging the house
Digital Source
SB 3 (using digital out) w/ Bolder PS IV
Analog Source
VPI Classic w/ Art Audio vinyl One, Ortofon Cadenza black, VPI SDS & ring
Other Sources
Cambridge 540D as transport
Signal Processors
DEQX 3.0
DEQX 3.0
Power Amp
Atma sphere S30- tweeters, Atma sphere M60's- mids, plate amps on 2x10
Selah Referimentos w/JPS internal wire, tri amped
Speaker Cable
JPS SC3 on accuton 5, JPS superconductor + on Raals, JPS UC2 on 10's
all JPS SC3 & except JPS UC2 to plate amps
Power Cables
JPS AC+,JPS digital AC+, several triode labs pc's
crappy DIY adjustable MDF shelf, maple block under TT/ mapleshade brass points
Power Cond
Equitech 1.5Q w/JPS kaptovator pc. pI audio uberBuss
Tuning and Tweaks
8 RealTraps Minitraps, 2 Microtraps, 4 GIK TriTraps, 4 ceiling tile traps, 4' x 8' SRL diffusor, 4'x4' DIY absorber/ diffusor at 1st reflection pts., and lots of fiberglass insulation above the drop ceiling
Other Components
Loricraft PRC4 record cleaner, Super comfy Ekornes Savannah Stressless chair, children's paintings covering acoustic panels on front walls