main, a Two-channel Audio System by SAZ

Room Size
12x15 vaulted, open to rest of house
System Overview
Living room system
Music Preferences
Music Omnivore. Relatively low volume listener.
Room Description
vaulted great room open floor plan
Acoustic Treatment
GIK Tri-Traps in the front corners - vaulted ceiling. Wood venetian blinds help diffuse window reflection. Wool shag carpet with a 1/2" thick carpet pad.
Listening Impressions
Vivid, relaxed, detailed sound.
Digital Source
Homebrew fanless HTPC: HD-Plex H10 case and linear power supply, Haswell i7s, 16GB ram, SSD, SATA Power Noise Filter, SOtM tX-USBexp & mBPS-d2s Battery Power Supply. Windows 7, JRiver, Fidelizer
Signal Processors
SOtM sDP-1000 DAC
Modwright LS-100
Power Amp
Modwright KWA-100SE
Focal Sopra No.2
Speaker Cable
MG Audio Design Planus II
Audio Sensibility Statement Silver USB (same to my ears as Wireworld Starlight 7 Platinum); KCI Silkworm Plus - DAC to Preamp; MG Audio Design Planus CU2 - Preamp to Amp
Power Cables
Triode Wire Labs Seven Plus - power conditioner; DCCA Musical Essence - preamp; Triode Wire Labs Seven Plus - amp
DIY Flexi type rack. With 2" maple shelves. Using 1" zinc platted steel threaded rods.
Power Cond
dedicated line (12 gauge)> furutech GTX-D(G) receptacle>Triode Wire Labs Seven Plus>PI Audio UberBuss
Tuning and Tweaks
IsoAcoustics GAIA-1 footers under speakers; Bright Star isolation shelf under DAC
Other Components
Synology NAS. Long CAT 6a Ethernet Patch Cord from Blue Jeans Cable.