OUR STEREO SYSTEM, a Two-channel Audio System by beachbum

D1s may look close to each other but are 8ft apart. Set up of speakers is so important for getting that magical sound we desire.
Room Size
System Overview
Stereo is my passion and my system is moving forward to get that live present sound i desire.
Music Preferences
Classic Rock and Roll, Blues, 90% Jazz Classical, 10%
Room Description
Open room with cathedral ceiling. carpeting.
Acoustic Treatment
3 Ready Acoustics 2X4 panels.
Listening Impressions
Music flows, a true to life sound, long music sessions with out fatigue.
Media Storage
Home built vinyl record storage shelf
Other Comments
Vinyl playback is my choice for serious music sessions. For the best sound from vinyl I steam clean my records. This is the best method I've found for the quietest best sounding vinyl.
Digital Source
Analog Source
Redpoint Model D, Tri-Planar Ultimate Tonearm, ZYX Universe XSBL Cartridge.
Other Sources
Tom Evens Groove Plus SRX, and EAR 834p Phono Stages, Sony HD tuner
Audio Horizons 2.1 NBR tubes Siemens 6922 CCa
Power Amp
Nuforce ref 9 SE V3 just upgraded
Tyler Decade 1 full range speakers
Speaker Cable
Audio Horizons Dimension bi wire three footers
Audio horizons Dimension XLR, RCA,
Power Cables
Sand Cable Violet, Audio Horizons Transparency
Audiav Crystal
Power Cond
PurePower p2000 A/C regenerator
Tuning and Tweaks
Maple shade shelves under pre, phono, amps, brass footers, isoblocks, two dedicated 20 amp lines 10 gage lines separate ground from rest of home, VPI 16.5 RCM, walker audio prelude system, talisman,
Other Components
[sat_cable] Motorola HDTV receiver [display] Hitachi HD 42 HDS