Roger's Refuge - Two Channel System, a Two-channel Audio System by nature boy

Nature Boy's Source Equipment
Room Size
17.5 x 13.5 x 7
System Overview
Natural, lifelike sounding system.
Music Preferences
Jazz, classic rock, female vocals, acoustics. I'm vinyl junkie.
Room Description
Dedicated listening room constructed during basement refinishing project 4/01. Heavy wall to wall berber carpet w/ 1/2" thick foam over concrete flooring. Standard stick construction w/ 3/8" drywall and 2"x4" stud framing. Drop ceiling.
Acoustic Treatment
Passive Room treatments from Eighth Nerve.
Digital Source
Decware ZDAC2 (modified TEAC NT-503) DAC & modified TEAC PD-H600 CD transport.
Analog Source
Nottingham Interspace w/modified Rega RB300 arm, Dynavector 20X2 low output MC cartridge, Dynavector P-75 MKII phono preamp and Decware ZROCK2 w/ 25th Anniversary modifications.
Other Sources
Dedicated WiFi enabled music Windows PC. PC is operated remotely from Samsung tablet using Splashtop software. PC is tethered to DAC with .75m Acoustic BBQ USB cable.
25th Anniversary Decware CSP3-25 preamp w/ Jupiter Beeswax caps and stepped attenuator.
Power Amp
Decware Zen Mystery (ZMA) Amplifier with 25th Anniversary + other modifications.
Omega Super Alnico High Output XRS floorstanders w/ Level 2 Bird's Eye Maple and Cherry wood veneers. Gingko ARCH 1 isolation devices.
Speaker Cable
ZenWave SMSG 4' 17 gauge speaker cables.
ZenWave D3.5 IC. Acoustic BBQ "Full Rack" IC's.
Power Cables
ZenWave Neotech FP-S55N 10 gauge power cable w/ FI-50 NCF plugs for amp. ZenWave P14 powercords on preamp, DAC, & SACD/CD player.
Vantage Point Altus sand filled four shelf rack w/ Polycrystal jumbo spikes, IKEA Lack table and NEUANCE isolation platform with Herbie's Audio Labs extra thick Grungebuster dots under Nottingham Interspace turntable.
Power Cond
Felix Power Conditioner w/ Jena Labs HBL5362 cryo'd outlets and Kaplan Cable H.E. cord termination. In the wall - Furutech GTX receptacles serviced by 3 separate, dedicated 15 amp circuits with 10g Romex wire from circuit breaker box.
Tuning and Tweaks
Herbie's footers under amp on top of thick maple isolation shelf. IsoAcoustics Orea Indigo isolation devices under preamp. Daedalus Audio DID's under TEAC CD transport and ZDAC2 which are situated on thick maple isolation shelves with sorbothane pads.