Stereo, a Two-channel Audio System by mjosef

Current System 2015
Room Size
System Overview
biamp: tubes on mid/hi and SS on the bass.
Music Preferences
Jazz, funk, classical-Chamber, world/folk, pop/rock, experimental/electronic/ambient.
Room Description
plaster walls and ceiling, bare wooden floor. Lots of shelving along walls. Large opening unto bedroom.
Acoustic Treatment
... lots of freestanding shelving, flannel window curtains, couple hanging rugs, some corner foam, several pillows.
Listening Impressions
Excellent centered image with good depth and wide sound-stage.
Media Storage
DIY and Ikea.
Other Comments
Each component has its own specific power conditioning. Current System (01/23/15): Dual 750/ Yamaha S1800 SACD>CAT SL1 >Marchand X'over> Response Audio 3205(w.GL KT88) above 250Hz/ CrownXTi1002 below 320Hz ... >VMPS RM1 modded with new tweeter and woofers
Digital Source
Yamaha S1800 SACD
Analog Source
1. DUAL 750 with Shure Vmr 2.
Other Sources
Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet via EE DAC
Signal Processors
CAT SL1 Reference.
Power Amp
Mid/Hi:Response Audio Signature 3205(Exposure 2010 -summer sub.) Bass:Crown XTi 1002. Backup: Adcom 555 II modified.
VMPS RM1 (modified) /VMPS 626R (alt.)
Speaker Cable
Kaplan GS II, Luminous Audio Technology Synchestra
Kaplan GSe/Le , Waveform Fidelity, DIY RCA-XLR
Power Cables
KAplan GSmkII / HE mkII, DIY
Power Cond
Classified Level 6: 5 independent/isolated duplex outlets, 3A/10A/2x15A/20A
Tuning and Tweaks
Black Diamond racing cones #3 & 4 on Xti1002, Stillpoints Mini under pre-p/s ~ tube amp, Stillpoints UltraSS/PreAmp, unhappy ballz/ DAC, Stillpoints Mini-OEM on cd source. Bamboo platforms under source, PreAmp and Xti1002. 3" Maple block under tube am
Other Components
Marchand XM-1 electronic crossover @ 250Hz/24dB. to mid panel & tweeter. Utilizing Crown XTi built-in DSP for crossover (320Hz) bass EQ. Goal:100% active system. Currently bi-amped, mid-panel/tweeter are still passive (@5kHz.)crossover driven. Speakers are raised 6" on DIY stands/base.