Main System, a Two-channel Audio System by krikor

Main Room
Room Size
System Overview
Baby arrived and system has downsized (somewhat). Big Maggies are gone and I've gone back to my modded 10.1s. Listening room has now become family lounge with the addition of a 60" LCD screen - finally broke down and joined the 21st century as we had been using an old tube TV.
Music Preferences
Various including jazz, acoustic guitar, baroque, avante garde, "jam band"
Room Description
L-shaped, listening position is in narrow end where the 16' closes down to 13', room also opens into the kitch.
Digital Source
C.A.P.S. V3 "Boekeloo" via Wyred4Sound mPRE. Denon DVD-2900 for CD, DVD-A and SACD.
Analog Source
MMF5/Goldring 1012 and Monolithic PhonoPre with high-current supply, also have a vintage near mint Thorens TD-160 with a brand new OM10 cartridge I need to set up.
Other Sources
Old Yamaha CT-800 tuner (not currently connected, not enough analog connections and we tend to listen to radio via Internet anyway)
Wyred4Sound mini-PRE (sold my DAC2 and switched to this in order to simplify my setup)
Power Amp
ClassDaudio SDS-450 monos
Magnepan 10.1 with modded xover (Obbligato/Alphacore/Kimber) and parts for 4pi premium (someday, someday)
Pair of ACI Force subs
Speaker Cable
DH Labs Q10 internal biwire with Neutrik SpeakOn connectors at both ends.
Harmonic Tech Pro-Silway XLR, Reference Line Silver (Kimber AG), Kimber PBJ
Power Cables
DH Labs and Purist Audio Design
Bottlehead Crack Speedball amp under construction, Beyer DT990-600, Senn HD-650
Salamander Synergy with custom solid maple top/bottom
Power Cond
PS Audio Power Plant Premiere