Home Theater, a Home Theater System by Scott F.

8-26-10 Home Theater update
Room Size
System Overview
Fortunately, this system sounds pretty darned good. Way better than I'd ever imagined a 5.1 channel rig could sound. Two channel sounds pretty awesome on it too.
Movie Preferences
I love a good action or SciFi movie but the Classics are still great to watch too.
Room Description
This is our main 24x12 Family Room.
Media Storage
Slappa cases galore.
DVD or LaserDisc Player
Sony BDP-S470 and OPPO DV-983H
Satellite or Cable
Charter Cable
Video Display
65" Sony HDR 4K XBR65X930D LED Android TV
Signal Processors
Marantz AV-7701 Pre/Pro
Power Amp
Modified JoLida 1501A on front L/R (tubed gain stage 100wpc) and modified JoLida 1703A (tubed gain stage 75x75x75wpc) on C/LR/RR
Aperion Audio 6T floorstanders
Aperion Audio 634c
Aperion Audio 633T floorstanders
Aperion Audio Bravus 12D - Dual 12
Speaker Cable
DIY AgCu with Teflon dielectric
DIY AgCu with Teflon dielectric - Audioquest Cinnamon HDMI
Power Cables
DIY and Volex
My design and build
Power Cond
Monster HTS 3600 MkII Stage 3 (it holds me over until I get another BPT and do conditioning right)