HiFi on a Budget, a Two-channel Audio System by hjsouth

System Update 2018
System Overview
I am a fan of open baffle speakers, having previously owned Kef 103.3, moved to Vandersteen 2Ce Signatures and now Spatial Audio M3 in various iterations. My system is about perfect for my budget audiophile taste.
Music Preferences
Everything but rap and opera
Room Description
25 x 26', carpeted, open one end, vaulted ceilings
Acoustic Treatment
Listening Impressions
Smooth and open
Media Storage
Small Green Computer, MicroJukebox
Other Comments
Moving CD's to server, using MicroJukebox, Chromecast Audio and Minimserver/BubbleUPnP, all wirelessly. COOL
Digital Source
Emotiva ERC2 player, Emotiva Stealth DC-1 DAC
Analog Source
B&O 8002 Linear tracking table, Channel Islands VPP1 phono pre
Other Sources
Rotel RT1080 Tuner
Current: Hattor Audio Passive Mini w/outboard power supply. Backup: Tube Audio Design TAD 150 Signature w/ RCA 5751
Power Amp
Red Dragon Audio M500 MkII mono blocks
Spatial Audio Hologram M3 Triode Master
Speaker Cable
Power Cables
Iron Jellyfish (Source), Ps Audio (Power)
Power Cond
APC H10 x 2
Other Components
Music fidelity X10 tube buffer w/outboard power supply Chromecast Audio