Main living room system, a Multi-channel Audio System by Jmitchell3

Room Size
System Overview
Use for both 2 channel music and home theater.
Music Preferences
Jazz, rock, pop, alternative, folk, classical.
Room Description
Single angle vaulted ceiling rising to 14’ at the the front wall. Great room with dining nook, kitchen, and finally the living room listening area.
Acoustic Treatment
3 homemade 2’x4’ ats absorbers in front wall, large wool rug and sectional couch in room center.
Media Storage
iPhone, MacBook pro via tidal premium and Spotify
Other Comments
Occasionally I pull out the schiit freya with pass ACA stereo amps running in monoblocks (15wpc) for a more tuby / class a combo goodness :)
Digital Source
Tidal via airplay to either marantz or Allo digione signature streamer via roon
Signal Processors
Marantz pure direct or 2 channel w audessey room correction. Allo via roon with rew room correction through schiit modi 3 dac.
Marantz SR-6012
Power Amp
Marantz SR-6012, Hypex nc400 monoblocks
Tekton Pendragons w cap upgrades
Klipsch rp-250c
Klipsch sa-140 front atmos speakers
SVS PB-13 Ultra
Speaker Cable
Amazon basics 16ga w banana plugs
Tuning and Tweaks
Audessey for the marantz and rew room correction via roon.
Other Components
Allo unit uses Schiit modi 3 dac.