Good enough for the time being, a Bedroom/Den System by nlitworld

Room Size
System Overview
Mostly movie nights and 2ch stereo usage with large amounts of digital music (almost 1TB) and a slowly growing vinyl collection.
Music Preferences
Absolutely everything
Room Description
Spare bedroom turned media/listening room.
Listening Impressions
Needs room treatments, but an OK work in progress for what it is.
Other Comments
System used for a bit of everything including computer and console gaming, movie night with the wife, and music turned to 11.
Digital Source
Media PC playing Foobar sent over hdmi to Pioneer Elite LX101 receiver.
Video Display
LG 43" 4K
Power Amp
Saving to upgrade to nice pre/pro setup. It's only money, right?
Klipsch RP5000F L/R, Klipsch RP404C Center, Klipsch RP500SA Atmos, Klipsch R15M Surround
Klipsch R10-SWi
Tuning and Tweaks
Heavy curtains and some wall art to dampen sound where possible. Running an EQ in Foobar to smooth out sound which sounds better than streaming straight through receiver.
Other Components
Just picked up a Throens TD 190-2 on Craigslist and put an Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge on there. It's a good step in the right direction. Lots of old video game systems plugged and ready to go (NES, Sega, N64, PS2, PS3).