Living Room System, a Two-channel Audio System by Mike B.

System Overview
Custom line array Loudspeakers with 10 ribbon tweeters, (one on the back ) and 10 5.5 inch midwoofers. Subwoofer - JL Audio Fathom 112. Audio Research Reference 110 amplifier, H-Cat series 9 Preamp, Wyred4Sound Dac 2 V 2 SE Dac, Cambridge CXC disc transport, Intel NUC i7, Jriver Media Center 24, Fathom hard drive media storage. Linn LP12 table, SME V arm, Origin Live DC motor and controller, Benz Ruby H cartridge, Wright Sound tube phono stage. Cabling by TG Audio, Audioquest, Siltech, Shunyata, AC items by Acme Audio.