2 channel, a Two-channel Audio System by bacobits1

Room Size
System Overview
Music Preferences
Everything but no Rap, hip hop, or Opera !!
Room Description
Dedicated room treated
Acoustic Treatment
GIK Acoustics 6/ 244 Panels
Listening Impressions
Outstanding sound since the room treatments, Keep it Simple!!!!!!! Streaming for new music
Media Storage
Boltz CD Racks
Digital Source
Schiit Yggdrasil Updated, PS Audio DS Memory Transport, BlueSound Node 2i /Qobuz with Wireworld Electra C7 PC
Analog Source
Clear Audio Emotion SE, CMB, Carbon Satisfy, Phoenix Eng PS, Shelter 501 MKII, AE33PTG II, Ortofon X5MC Rogue Audio Triton "ll" Phono Okki Nokki RCM
Power Amp
Rogue Cronus Mag II Special tube sauce
Usher CP6371
Speaker Cable
WyWires Silver series
WyWires Silver series Wywires Platinum AES balanced to PS Audio Transport Wywires Litspeed silver SPDIF on Node2i
Power Cables
WyWires Juice ll Wireworld Electra PC on Bluesound Node 2i
Power Cond
Brick Wall Line filter
Tuning and Tweaks
6/GIK 244 Panels, MG Room tunes on all ceiling corners Herbies Tall Tender feet under everything