Primary 2-Channel (featuring Classé Audio), a Two-channel Audio System by psychles

mray System 1
System Overview
2-channel system featuring Classé Audio CA-101 amp and CP 50 preamp
Music Preferences
Easier to list those areas of music where I do NOT listen: Country/Western, Opera or the more "bombastic" periods of orchestral music, the majority of rap. Favorite band/listening experience for the last decade+: Tool
Media Storage
Because of the space taken by CDs, in their cases, I've chosen to go with a sleeve system, using Jewel Sleeve CD sleeves and a large case I modified to hold them. For vinyl, I have multiple wooden crates, customized with old 45s on the external surfaces and protect the recordings with Vinyl Styl and Original Master sleeves.
Other Comments
Vinyl cleaning system: I may create a post with photos describing the vinyl cleaning system I built using a hand-built storage box with sealed bearings, a steel axle and home-made spinning platter system utilizing the original, metal Pro-Ject platter and some felt to hold the platter while cleaning. After some research, I settled on a specific cleaning formula, store-bought brush for scrubbing and made my own vacuum attachment for drying cleaned vinyl.
Digital Source
Music Hall cd 35.2
Analog Source
Pro-Ject Debut III (w/Phono Box S)
Other Sources
Nakamichi DR-3
Classé Audio CP-50
Power Amp
Classé Audio CA-101
Klipsch KG 5.5 (w/ Crites titanium diaphragms and B&K type KG5.5 crossovers)
Speaker Cable
Tara Labs
The Chord Company, Tara Labs
Other Components
Accessories: Interconnects from The Chord Company and Tara Labs, Tara Labs speaker cables, various brand power cables, Breakaweights record stabilizer, Onzow Zerodust(tm) stylus cleaner, home-made vinyl washing system Turntable upgrades: Acryl-IT acrylic platter, Ortofon Red cartridge