Old School Meet New School, a Two-channel Audio System by beancounter1

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Room Size
20 by 20
System Overview
Mostly CD, SACD, and DVD Audio Based Some Hi-Res FLAC on 3TB External Drive Feeding Oppo BD 105D
Music Preferences
Jazz Blues Classical Psychedelic Rock Celtic Classic Rock
Room Description
Dedicated Listening Room Only Carpet Floors
Acoustic Treatment
Under Research and Development
Listening Impressions
Transparent and Dynamic
Media Storage
1,000 + CDs, SACDs, DVD Audio Discs 3 TB External Hard Drive for FLAC Downloads
Other Comments
Lost over 600 albums in divorce so I gave away my Sansui SR 838
Digital Source
BD 105D Cambridge Audio Azur 651C used as Transport for External DACs
Analog Source
On Wish List
1 Odyssey Audio Tempest Solid State 2 Schiit Audio Freyas using Electro Harmonix Gold Pin Tubes
Power Amp
1 Pair of Odyssey Audio Stratos Extreme Mono Amps 1 Odyssey Audio Stratos Extreme Stereo Amp 1 Rotel RB 1092 500 Watt X 2 @ 8 ohms (Class D)
1 Pair Fully Restored Infinity Kappa 9s 1 Pair Fully Restored Infinity RS IIIas
Not Necessary
Speaker Cable
Audioquest Rocket 88 6' Pair Audioquest Bulk to RS IIIas
Audioquest King Cobra Analysis Plus Oval
Power Cables
HiFi Man HE400i
Power Cond
Audio Power Industries Power Wedge Ultra 116
Tuning and Tweaks