, a Two-channel Audio System by Audio Refugee

Audio Refugee's 2 Channel Set Up
Room Size
19' x 25'
System Overview
My goal was to assemble a system that my whole family could enjoy and operate. Old school analog and today's digital. I wanted the system to be located in the busiest place in the house, so we could all share and enjoy our musical discoveries. Budget and space were both limited. So, I researched well regarded entry level components from both yesteryear and today. I purchased almost everything used, or below market value because it was NOS and considered obsolete. I also looked to see if I still had any decent components left from my bachelor days, incorporated those, and tried fill in the missing gaps to match a complete system as best I could. I also relied on three or four very informative and generous mentors, who were patient and generous with equipment loans. And I joined forums like this one to learn even more.
Music Preferences
Rock, New Wave, Punk, Motown, Blues, Jazz, some Hair Bands, Classical, Chamber, a lot of music that I've heard live and bought on the spot, some Electronica, and more. But, most of all... I love hearing my son's marching band.
Room Description
Family room. Mostly carpet, but opens up to a tile walkway in front of component cabinet, and the kitchen and hallway to the left and right of the cabinet.
Listening Impressions
A really fun family friendly system. I rolled the tubes and the the bass finally showed up! Highs and mids are fantastic everywhere on the volume scale. Love the detail. TT music definitely walks all over digital.
Media Storage
Alphabetized CDs and LPs. I've been cleaning the LPs, listening, chucking the bad and slipping the good into anti static bags and the covers into plastic sleeves. I love vinyl. : )
Other Comments
I so love the warmth and detail of the highs and mids. It's nice having bass after installing the Genelex KT77 Gold Lions; although, I may roll in a set of Shuguang EL34 Treasures
Digital Source
Sony DVP NS325 used as a CD transport; and an iPad to stream Spotify, Youtube and more
Analog Source
Rega RP3 Turntable with Ortofon 2M Bronze cartridge
Parks Audio Budgie Phono PreAmp - NOS Siemens Halske E188CC 7308 (CCa 6922)
Power Amp
Jolida 202a - Genelex KT77 Gold Lions, NOS Siemens Halske 5751s (12AX7), and NOS Siemens Halske ECC801Ss (12AU7)
Meadowlark Swifts - I love these so much!
Speaker Cable
NOS Nordost Blue Heaven - 2 meter
NOS Nordost Blue Heaven from integrated amp to phono preamp, and NOS Nordost Blue Heaven from integrated amp to Dac. Tributaries V1 RCA Digital from DAC to CD transport. Wireworld Ultraviolet USB from DAC to iPad/Android
Power Cables
The only upgraded one I have is a medical grade cord for the integrated amp that I got from Weird Stuff Warehouse in Sunnyvale, CA for $6.99
My son's old toy cabinet
Tuning and Tweaks
Integrated amp sits atop a cutting board atop Sorbothane pucks. I also use tube vibration dampers on Amp and preamp tubes.
Other Components
Schiit MODI - Multibit DAC