hifiman5's basement stereo, a Two-channel Audio System by hifiman5

Room Size
13'7 wide 18' long 7'6
System Overview
This system is based on 40 years as an audio enthusiast/music lover. The goal is to reproduce, as faithfully as possible, analog and digital source media.
Music Preferences
Everything but rap. About 1200 LPs and 1000 silver discs
Acoustic Treatment
Roomtunes in all corners, soundex squares behind listening seat
Listening Impressions
Detailed, dynamic, yet sweet full-range sound. Typical "of a piece" Vandersteen sound
Digital Source
self-modified Marantz 8005 SACD player
Analog Source
VPI Scout, JMW 9 Plus arm, Dynavector 20X2 cartridge
RHB Dezigns modified conrad johnson PV-12L 2 12AU7 Gold Lion tubes from Cryoset.
Power Amp
SmC Audio Revision A+ of McCormack DNA-1
Vandersteen Treo CT
two Vandersteen 2wq
Speaker Cable
Audioquest Volcano mid-high Audioquest Caldera bass
Audioquest Colorado for digital source, Kimber Select KS 1021 for analog source, Harmonic Technology Magic Link III from preamp to amp.
Power Cables
PS Audio Statement SC and Plus SC
only for "on the go" listening
Power Cond
PS Audio Premier Power Plant, PS Audio Duet/Humbuster III for amp, Hifituning Noise Destroyer, Quantum Symphony Pro
Tuning and Tweaks
Herbie Audio Labs footers and turntable mat, VPI stainless steel/Delrin record clamp, Various "Weighty" devices for mass damping, 45 lb. weights on top of each subwoofer, Vandersteen M5-HP high pass crossover. Herbie interconnect and tube dampers.
Other Components
record doctor wet vacuum cleaning machine to clean LPs, AER disc energizer for CDs and SACDs