2 channel System, a Two-channel Audio System by quadman

big rig
Room Size
18'w x 37' l x 8' h
System Overview
Wam Flexspeakers (d'Applitto version) designed by Wally Malewicz, Wytech 211 amp, custom built woofer Amps, Rane EQ for bass only). Speakers feature Raal tweeters and Audio technology midrange and bass units, bass extension down to 20 Hz.
Music Preferences
Blues, Rock, Jazz and Classical- pretty much what ever I am in the mood for
Room Description
Downstairs main room, dedicated to audio. Long length assures excellent bass and allows speakers to come out 9' from back wall making soundstage VERY deep.
Acoustic Treatment
DIY acoustic absorbing panels (2x4' and 2x6'), 2 diffusing panels and absorption on ceiling in first reflection point. Room reverb averages around .38 seconds which I have found to be almost perfect. EQ on bass is huge factor
Listening Impressions
HUGE deep and wide soundstage, with excellent separation. 3D palpable images though out the entire stage. Very revealing and involving. Hard to turn it off.
Media Storage
Lacie HDD directly attached to dedicated audio PC with a custom built linear PSU for HDD.
Other Comments
Use Roon with Tidal and HQPlayer integration.
Digital Source
Oppo BDP 103, Nad M51, Gustard X20u
Analog Source
SME 30 MK2, SME Vd arm, dynavector XV1s cart. Pass Xono phono. I am trained by Wally Malewicz in cartridge setup. I have been friends with him for over 25 years.
Custom built Pass B1 with custom linear PSU. (sold My CJ Act 2 and kept this instead)
Power Amp
Wyetech 211 A+ with mods making it close to his new C version.
Flexspeaker. One of probably only 8 pairs in existence.
you kidding me
Speaker Cable
Can't remember
DIY cables based on recording studio cable and eichman RCA's
Power Cables
DIY based on belden cable with furutech or wattgate plugs
Power Cond
Just furutech wall outlets, custom made powerstrips
Tuning and Tweaks
Gustard is pretty tweaked