, a Two-channel Audio System by PGS3038

It's all about the Bass. Blu-tack stops him falling off.
Room Size
5m x 4m x 2,4m
System Overview
Small room, big sound
Music Preferences
It has to play full range pipe organ, and just about everything else. Choral, Orchestral, Chamber, Rock, Indie, Prog, Jazz, etc.etc
Room Description
Stone tapering non-parallel walls, suspended wooden floor and ceiling. Very little absorption from furniture, no curtains, an acoustic nightmare!
Acoustic Treatment
3x GIK Monster bass traps behind listening area (rear wall)
Listening Impressions
Almost near-field listening as the LS are less than 3m away. The LF balance is very position dependant in such a lively room, but the overall effect at the sweetspot is very good. The LF response is stunning, extended, yet unobtrusive. Harbeth M30 radial driver midrange to die for! It's totally fatigue-free, I can listen for hours at a time.
Media Storage
LPs and CDs and 24/96 via PC
Other Comments
The main room modes are tamed by equalising the subs using the Behringer in the subs feed and by the GIK absorbers on the wall behind the listening seat.
Digital Source
PC, CD player, satellite receiver. Sony DAT player
Analog Source
AT95E mm cart in Thorens TD160 mk2 t/t, owned since new.
Other Sources
second satellite receiver for French TV & Radio
Signal Processors
Bryston 10b crossover with Behringer DEQ 2496 in subs feed
Bryston BP16 with MM and Digital input options
Power Amp
Bryston 4BSST
Harbeth M30 (pro version)
B&W ASW750 x 2, which are sadly no longer made. It's basically a strongbox with a 1KW equalised amplifier and a killer 12" dia kevlar reinforced driver inside.
Speaker Cable
69 strand copper, nothing fancy
nothing fancy, mainly home made.
Power Cables
nothing fancy standard IEC.
Sennheiser HD600
Power Cond
On/off switch
Tuning and Tweaks
REQ wizard software, Thomann MM-1 measuring microphone ( Behringer clone?)
Other Components
a varied supply of music from vinyl, CD, DAT, and 96/24 files from the PC via sp-diff fibre optic link into the BP16.