Joerest's HiFi, a Two-channel Audio System by joerest

Room Size
12.5 X 11.5 medium bedroom (sans bed)
System Overview
Room: 12.5 X 11.5 Preamp: Quicksilver full function (w/phono), Amp: Pass X250.5, Conditioner: Tice sig 3, CD player: Wadia 26/22 combination w/ST Glass, Speakers: Shahinian Eagle woofer bottoms(a 30 year old design, and built then as well) custom non-production Elves 2 way (as top modules), Townsend ribbon super tweeters(as top top modules), Wires: pass labs burley IC, burley speaker wire, morrow phono, Morrow speaker wire, clear day IC, Wadia ST Glass digital, Power cords: Tice, quicksilver, Turntable: denon dd, SME M2-9R tonearm, Nagaoka MP 500 cart.
Music Preferences
vocals, all kinds with exception of classical, opera and rap
Room Description
just a bedroom turned into a dedicated sound room. Immediate future improvement will include a 30 amp dedicated electrical line directly from fuse box and primary copper ground spike.
Acoustic Treatment
8 X 10 deep pile rug hung on long (speaker) wall. Attenuated 85% of slap back. More treatment to come.
Listening Impressions
Upon return from audio show(s), find my system warm and thicker in midrange than in modern day systems. This is agreeable to me but different than modern day norm. Maybe more Shahinian like (dont take this verbatim). Must be politically correct here. Bass and Highs impecable (if I do so say myself).
Media Storage
Custom built CD rack (built by eastern long island cabinet maker), Timber Nation speaker stantions.
Other Comments
Speaker mid/highs modules are non-production Shahinian Elves. Built at a customer request, where 3 pairs were built, only 2 pairs requested. The Elve design was resurected after a 20 yr hiatus. These are non-standard Elves and certainly not super Elves. These 2 ways blew away my Shahinian Hawks (owned prior), especially in the midrange. High frequencies also surpassed the Hawk tweeters, eliminating the non specific poly directional presentation of the Hawk ensomble. Forget the LS3/5A's. When it comes to 2 way loudspeakers not much beats these. No brag, just lucky enough to be at the right place, at the right time. Later put a cherry on top end with the Townsend Maximun Supertweeters.
Digital Source
Wadia 26/22 combo, attached by Wadia's own AT&T ST glass cable.
Analog Source
Denon DD DP755 TT with SME M2-9R arm, Nagaoka MP500 cart. Soon to be auditioning a Rega Exact as Nagaoka lacking in cohesiveness.
Quicksilver Full Function, upgraded with Janzen Silver/Gold output caps. 6x4 recifiers
Power Amp
Pass X-250.5
misfit toys from the archived storage closet of Dick Shahinian. They include Eagle bass modules designed and built over 30 years ago for use with LS3/5A''s. Bass modules were refurbished by Shahinian factory with latest rare Seas 8" drivers.
no sub here, but bass module was wired with proprietary German silver wire and custom configured cross over at the Shahinian factory. In addition, passive radiator was upgraded to the latest rubber radiator used now by Shahinian.
Speaker Cable
Burley from Pass Labs and shotgun Morrow cables.
Burley from Pass Labs and Clearday.
Power Cables
Tice signature and Quicksilver
AKG''s but do no headphone listening (ever)
cheap, cheap, cheap metal computer stand (white powdered steel)
Power Cond
Tice Signature III
Tuning and Tweaks
Teeeks aplenty. Mostly from craft stores like Michael's. Component spacers and feet are regulation hockey pucks. Use caulk sheets and off-the-shelf furniture rubber feet. Component weighted down with leftover granite blocks.
Other Components
future to bring in Apple Mac book pro, ifi idsd, Teac reel to reel A3340S 15 ips.